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Two days ago I posted Joan speaking on planned parenthood and the targeting of minorities.

Yesterday I posted Jeff Mercie on the subject.

I’m sure that produced a laugh or two. It’s something out of South Park, a “token”. You’ve put up a lot of video in the last week and that has been the only non-white face we’ve seen. It’s tokenism. It’s not as if you have black people in Fitchburg driving by, seeing the protesters and wanting to join in or something…

These pictures (and a few more that I haven’t put up yet) are from Friday’s protest, I didn’t attend or see Saturday, I’m told the attendance was strong (20+) from people who attended but I didn’t see it myself.

There has been a bit of a fuss about Eric Erickson and his decision to keep out birthers and truthers from Red State.

I have already given my opinion on both subjects, but in terms of Red State here are my thoughts:

1. Everybody has a right to their opinion

2. Everybody has the right to try to propagate that opinion as best they can.

3. That doesn’t include a right to post at RedState.

Just over 16 months ago I signed up for a free blog at wordpress and began blogging here. How successful that blogging has been was dramatically illustrated recently. There is nothing to stop anyone with internet access from starting their own blog and making their case to a world wide audience. If your arguments are skillful then others who agree will link and eventually notice will be given outside your circle.

But to expect Erickson to give you a platform against his will? Sounds a lot like an entitlement to me, not very conservative.

If your argument is good it can stand up under fire, otherwise you are like the kid in the old Ty Cobb story.

You don’t know the story? It’s from the 1985 edition of the Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract (p.113) and goes like this:

A small town pitcher 6′ 4″ says he can strike out Cobb on three pitches anytime and writes Cobb’s manager saying it only will cost him $1.80 train fare to find out. Jennings sends the cash and after warming up then send out Cobb. As James tells the story:

Cobb hit his first pitch against the right field wall. His second pitch went over the right field wall. The third pitch went over the center field wall. Cobb was thinking they ought to keep this guy around to help him get in a grove.

“Well,” said Jennings. “What have you got to say?”

The pitcher stared in hard at the batter’s box. “You know,” he said, “I don’t believe that’s Ty Cobb in there.”

For suggesting reading I would name Eject Eject Eject’s famous post on conspiracy theories: Seeing the unseen. Give it a read, think about it and then make your choice as you will and remember this, there is no shame in being wrong, everyone is wrong about some things.

and that price was large:

Jones admitted this weekend that there has been no significant global warming in the last 15 years.

But, that didn’t stop these fraudsters from bilking the EU and US for £800,000 ($1,253,624.84) annually for the last 20 years..

Meanwhile Viscount Monckton who has taken a lot of hits over the years comments:

Now, Professor Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia has admitted publicly, and — as far as I know — for the first time, that there has been no statistically significant “global warming” for 15 years. He has also admitted that his Climatic Research Unit has lost much of the data behind the “hockey-stick” graph, via which Michael Mann and other Climategate conspirators had falsely attempted to demonstrate that the Medieval Warm Period was not warmer than the present.

Jones has admitted that he is not very good at keeping data tidily. And that, in a scientist, is a startling omission. Seekers after truth in the natural world, from Leonardo da Vinci to Isaac Newton, were famous for keeping notebooks. There they carefully recorded all of their observations. Newton, who went to the same grammar school as Margaret Thatcher (one of the few grammar schools not to have been abolished by politicians intent on destroying the last vestiges of sound education in Britain), had been taught to keep these notebooks from an early age.

Yet Phil Jones had not managed the most basic task of anyone compiling a temperature record. He had not kept, in good order, the data on which the record was based. Anyone who reads the “Harry Read-Me.txt” file — which contains 15,000 lines of commentary by a programmer about the numerous appalling defects in data handling and processing at the Climate Research Unit — cannot help but be struck by the sheer ineptitude of the whole proceeding.

the six meat buffet is struck by something else:

An open request to the British Press. In addition to absolutely kicking the arse of your counterparts in the American unofficially state-run media on the subject of so-called “climate change” – your next story should be about how and why they have ignored this story completely.

Call them up. Interview them. Get them on the record as to how this story that you all are exploiting, like the fabled last oil reserve buried deep in a caribou’s hindquarters, is nary worth a mention by our Rip Van Winkle Press. Perpetually trapped in a mental time warp between an early club-you-over-the-head 1990’s Mtv raising awareness campaign and it’s discredited future.

It’s not a time warp, it’s a credibility warp. Once they admit there is a story there then they have to explain their own actions, and the decisions at the network to support those actions.

Ironically the first journalist who issues the mea culpa will likely get away with it because he is first, it will be followed by an avalanche of the same, but not to the same effect.

Via Glenn who knows all, sees all and blogs all eventually.

…in 1989.

Sylvester McCoy, the actor who played Doctor Who for two years in the 1980s, has revealed that left-wing scriptwriters hired by the BBC wrote propaganda into the plots in an attempt to undermine Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

Shades of the Adventures of Robin Hood circa 1955:

“The idea of bringing politics into Doctor Who was deliberate, but we had to do it very quietly and certainly didn’t shout about it,” said McCoy.

“We were a group of politically motivated people and it seemed the right thing to do. At the time Doctor Who used satire to put political messages out there in the way they used to do in places like Czechoslovakia. Our feeling was that Margaret Thatcher was far more terrifying than any monster the Doctor had encountered. Those who wanted to see the messages saw them; others, including one producer, didn’t.”

And the Doctor wasn’t alone in this belief:

Sophie Aldred, who played Ace, the Doctor’s feminist companion, said a shared contempt for right-wing ideology had inspired “a real bonding process” for cast and crew.

“Thatcher was our prime minister and we weren’t happy,” she said.

Well of course they weren’t, after all you had people like Sakharov repressed not to mention people shot trying to cross the wall. Thatcher had much to answer for, oh wait that was East Germany and the Soviets the people Thatcher was opposing wasn’t it?

Well it didn’t matter after all it wasn’t as if a leftist tilt would kill a British institution that had existed for 26 years…oh wait:

However, ratings slumped from a high of 16m, when Tom Baker was the Doctor a decade earlier, to 3m and the show was taken off air twice: in 1986-7 by Michael Grade, then the director of programmes — who said it had “no redeeming features” — and again in 1989, two years after Grade had left the BBC.

Ah the joys of the left managing to make a British institution so unpalatable that it could not survive. One interesting thing to note, You see that same tilt in a few of the 7th doctor audios such as The Fearmonger. I wonder if this will come up in some of the commentaries?

I just realized that I neglected to give the deserved hat tip to Life Dr. Who and Combom. Very much my bad.