Shh don’t tell Joy Behar that John Fund remembers Ronald Reagan…

Posted: February 13, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…and the 80’s a tad differently that his son might:

Not this time. Ron Reagan, now a talk show host in Seattle, got the ball rolling when he told Joy Behar of CNN Headline News that his dad wouldn’t have approved of either Sarah Palin or the “Tea Party” movement now roiling American politics. “Oh, I think he would be unamused by the tea partiers with their Hitler signs and all the rest of it,” Mr. Reagan told Ms. Behar. “No, I don’t think he’d be cottoning to that much at all.”

As for the Republican Party today, Mr. Reagan called it a “true train wreck” and said both Ms. Palin and new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown were symbols of the decline of the GOP.

Mind you he is saying that the person who was only surpassed by Clinton and was SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for the period that John McCain had a shot (until he threw it away with the stimulus vote) and the person who was able to break the democratic hold on the Massachusetts delegation in congress as “symbols of the decline of the GOP? What planet is he living on? The same one as the commentator who claimed I never read her book.

But Michael Reagan, a talk show host on the other side of the political spectrum, took sharp issue with that analysis. “I believe he would embrace the Tea Party movement, if he were alive today, and support the work of Sarah Palin, Scott Brown and others who espouse conservative principles, who are opening up the eyes of the public to what is happening to our nation,” Mr. Reagan said in a statement. “There’s no doubt that President Reagan would respect the power and political potency of this movement.”

If Ron Reagan wants to know about the tea parties and the people therein he could do no better than to read Glenn Reynolds today.

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