I’ve learned two things today.

Posted: February 12, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news, personal
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#1 If I don’t make it to CPAC it won’t be because No Sheeples didn’t try to help:

Having said all that, what the CPAC needs that it doesn’t yet have is a Sicilian blogger from Fitchburg, MA. The trademark Sicilian hand gestures. The ubiquitous fedoras. Trust me, says Robert Stacy McCain, we need Da Tech Guy at CPAC.

Aleister at American Glob and Dan Collins at Piece Of Work In Progress wholeheartedly agree that the man who played a role in covering the “Massachusetts Miracle” should be with other conservative bloggers. If my opinion counts for anything with my readers, I want the man to go and help stand guard over liberty.

…Not only has she never met me but I actually neglected to answer an e-mail she sent me on the subject just last week. Talk about owing a debt of gratitude!

#2 I’ve learned is that being one of the first on the Patrick Kennedy story doesn’t guarantee a Memeorandum link.

On the Subject the “moderate voice” says this:

His district in Rhode Island is heavily Democratic so it is unlikely to switch parties.

Yeah it’s not like there has been anything that might indicate otherwise, the Confederate Yankee reminds him:

His desire to do something else was no doubt due in part to the fact that polls indicated that the possibility of him being reelected was very slim, especially in a climate that saw his famous father replaced by Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah, Scott Brown, the guy Kennedy called a Joke.

Who’s laughing now?

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