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It’s sometimes forgotten that protests are made of people with strong beliefs and the willingness to stand up and take time to express their beliefs in public. I took several little films of this nature and will be posting them over the next few days. Lets start with Barbara Meyer:

The next city counsel meeting on the subject is the 16th.

Given the choice between a piece delivered on time and a piece that generates an instalance.

Go with the Instalance.

I wasn’t going to talk about Murtha’s death under the, If you can’t say anything nice rule.

However they are lionizing his opposition to the war on Morning Joe this morning. Joe is now alluding to not perfect: (doesn’t mention Haditha and graft and Abscam by name) only says it in passing.

Just “made some mistakes” Joe, I suggest you take a look at Instapundit’s archive on John Murtha.

Bottom line, lets forget the graft, the empty airport and even Haditha, if we followed John Murtha’s advice we would have lost in Iraq instead of won.

End of story.

Scarborough is asserting that the media doesn’t “hate” either the tea party movement or Sarah Palin.

They say this even as Mika continues to play with her hand.

Go turn it on and don’t be drinking while you see these people maintaining that this isn’t so.

I can’t see how we would come to that conclusion.

Update: Newsbusters notices

Update 2: Hotair & Breitbart notice too