$1200 for my wife’s car to pass Massachusetts emissions

Posted: February 9, 2010 by datechguy in personal

And I certainly don’t dare consider any replacement vehicle that involves car payments with d-day approaching.

To say I’m feeling a tad low right now would be highly accurate.

  1. Conan776 says:

    Gee, man, I expected to come back here to see you still celebrating Scott Brown’s win. Last I checked you were holding clandestine meetings of supporters and doubting he had a chance.

    Well, I practically had to give my car away 2 years ago it was such a piece of junk. And it was only a 2003. It’s no wonder 2/3 of Detroit went out of business last year.

    And still I get a notice from the RMV because my license is up for renewal for an unpaid parking ticket in Boston that I got while in court fighting a moving violation — which I won but I guess broke even on the deal.

    Good luck with getting the car up to spec. I’ll save my money and wave to you from the T!

  2. Oh dear. That’s no good. :(

    Do you know of anyone who can do the work for less money? Maybe trade off tech support with a mechanic?

    My best to you and your wonderful wife. Yikes.

  3. Crikey, that’s bad news.

    One of my friends in California had a similar problem, except that a) it was only $500 and b) the State paid for it because she was unemployed. Her rationale for accepting that was that her car ran fine (and wasn’t spewing black smoke or anything), so if California wanted to impose strict standards, and then pay for those standards, let it.

  4. The nephew says:

    Time to start to movement to eliminate the rediculous safety/emissions standards in Massachusetts. But then again, when a state is losing revenue in property taxes, income taxes, etc, who is to say that the cars are failing tests legitimately.
    Each testing station should be tested as often as possible to be sure the equipment is working properly. There may be “interesting” results in the locations.