Morning Joe vs. Sarah Palin? Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Posted: February 8, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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To the shock of nobody, Morning Joe goes after Sarah Palin as a one trick pony this morning. I can guarantee that this week Deepak Chopra will be there to tout his story in the huff po.

It is interesting to note what journalists from abroad saw vs some on the left that already has their own image of both the Tea Parties and Sarah Palin.

If you want to be surprised, be surprised that they haven’t gone nuts over her hand like the rest of the left UPDATE: Andrea Mitchell does it later in the cast. If you are surprised at the hand job jokes from our enlightened members of the left who are supposedly not a bit sexist then you haven’t read the reclusive leftist at all in the last 18 months:

Will it never end? Tonight the news is full of yammering about Sarah Palin writing on her hand. This is apparently more evidence that she is a moron bimbo from outer space, etc., etc., etc.

I used to have a boyfriend who wrote on his hand. I thought it was a rather juvenile habit for a grownup, but whatever. (I used to ask him why he didn’t just buy a fricking notepad. He insisted that hands were more convenient.) The thing is, nobody ever accused him of being stupid because of it. He had a graduate degree or two and was a successful executive in the financial industry.

What kinds of things did he write on his hand? The same kinds of things I write on my notepad. Words. Names. Reminders that are meaningless to anyone else.

So Sarah Palin writes on her hand. Just like my ex-boyfriend. Big whoop.

And if it isn’t hand jobs, it is a Chris Wallace eye roll? Give me a break!

Watching Andrea Mitchell this morning I’m shocked she doesn’t have a coronary every time Palin goes on stage anywhere. Oh now Mitchell goes with the hand stuff. What a bunch of losers!

Founding Bloggers puts it best:

Note to the left: You can read the writing on the hand, or the writing on the wall. Take your pick.

They have made their pick.

Hey Joe how is that book selling for ya?

Update: Legal Insurrection spots more Liberal Misogyny.

  1. intheknow7 says:

    Ha ha…we go on scrutinizing Palin’s $100K “handjob” while media whores on the left and right trade shots w/GOP televangelist/pin-up doll — she trades shots w/Mr.Wall St-banker bailout POTUS — we continue to lose our jobs, homes, futures (minds) and our children continue being sacrificed in their wars (mega profits) — how’s that working out for ANY of us? These so-called leaders are installed via corp funding, and know this…they don’t give a damn about us! Bread & Circus…like it’s been for thousands of years –the Romans were most honest about it…rulers and serfs…that’s the playing field….read “The Grand Chessboard” by Zbig Brzezinski…Obama/Sarah Palin phenomenon was planned before she won Miss Wasilla! Why are ALL Obama records sealed? They play multi-level chess, while we play checkers…

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