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When Andrew Breitbart said these words:

“It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.”

he was referring to the media method of not doing it’s job.

And today at Politico we have an excellent example:

Three former allies of the National Tea Party Convention are planning a guerrilla press conference near the convention hall Saturday afternoon to highlight what they contend are the organizers’ efforts to hijack the tea party movement.

Three! Count ’em Three! And the story that three people are protesting the tea party convention gets how many comments on the Politico site?


But hey, we are the mainstream media, we report on what is actually going on! Jim Hoff comments further:

The media reported that a group of a National Tea Party Convention counter-protesters were going to flock to the Opryland Hotel for a showdown.

But only 4 people showed up.

The mainstream media, of course, swarmed them.

Of course they swarmed them, of course in comments they are declaring the tea parties irrelevant, of course they are attacking Palin saying that she is the beginning of the end for tea parties.

The problem is that all of these things can only work if they are the gatekeepers of information, and that title no longer exists. In fact when a MSNBC and a CNN viewer is able to watch a Palin speech and Q & A unfiltered it makes it a lot harder for their commentators to spin it…

I know what you think you heard but here is what you ACTUALLY heard…

Sorry media, not only do you suck but under 24 hours after it was said you decided to prove it.

Question: What is the ultimate expression of wishful thinking?

Ah the people at Breitbart’s Big Journalism prove that mindless optimism is not confined to myself and Lt. George:

While it is true Mr. Johnson did not use the precise phrase “white nationalist convention” as was noted in Weigel’s article, he said something very similar in the comments of his blog. In this case, Mr. Johnson does not attribute his claim that O’Keefe attended a “meeting of white nationalists” to anyone.

We hope that Mr. Johnson, an influential presence in the blogosphere, will issue a retraction without playing the semantics game with the words “meeting” and “conference,” but just in case, from

In addition, his claim O’Keefe was “a friend” of Marcus Epstein is false. In an interview with, James O’Keefe denied Mr. Johnson’s claim, which, again, is unattributed. As was hashed out here, there is no factual basis for Johnson to imply a close link between O’Keefe and Epstein:

They did manage to notice that the action at Charles’ blog is often in the comments, not in the articles.

Meanwhile Pam Geller (who looks incredible in a Fedora) knows what the score is:

This is what Johnson does. He has gotten a great deal of publicity for his announcement about how he parted ways with the Right, but the real story of Charles Johnson is not even that he changed his mind or his politics. Little Green Footballs today is not a political site. It’s an attack site. He has set about to destroy the most effective voices on the Right. But in fact, he destroyed himself.

Then again that mindless optimism post from Jan 6th was about the fact that Scott Brown’s chances weren’t all that good so you never know.

My review of the Big Finish Adventure # 77 Other Lives staring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor, India Fisher as Charley Pollard and Conrad Westmaas as C’rizz is available at here.

This was one of the last of the Big Finish range that I picked up, it also is a pure historical in that the only Aliens within the adventure are the Doctor and C’rizz

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You know the most interesting thing I found concerning the case that Planned Parenthood was making about coming to Fitchburg was the “need” argument.

According to Planned Parenthood’s testimony the teen pregnancy rate is 49 per 1000 in the State of Massachusetts.

Also according to that testimony the teen pregnancy rate in Fitchburg is 17.1 per 1000

That is over 65% below the state avg.

Let’s put that in perspective: We will make the rash assumption that the books are not being cooked and the federal unemployment rate is 9.7%.

If Massachusetts’ unemployment rate to the Federal government’s had the same ratio as Fitchburg’s teen pregnancy rate does to the state of Massachusetts, the state unemployment rate would be below 3.39%.

That leads to some interesting common sense questions:

1. If my business was to address unemployment would I operate in an area with 3.39% unemployment or an area with 9.7% unemployment?

2. If I was giving out a government grant to address a problem such as unemployment would I give a grant to operate in a city with a 3.39% unemployment rate when the national avg is 9.7%?

3. If my business was dependent on a government grant showing a need for my services (say unemployment), and the place where I was opening had an unemployment rate 65% below the state avg. Would it be in my interest for the unemployment rate remain 65% below the state avg or would it be in my interest for that rate to rise to “demonstrate” the need for my services.

Just askin.