Fun with statistics

Posted: February 7, 2010 by datechguy in oddities, opinion/news
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You know the most interesting thing I found concerning the case that Planned Parenthood was making about coming to Fitchburg was the “need” argument.

According to Planned Parenthood’s testimony the teen pregnancy rate is 49 per 1000 in the State of Massachusetts.

Also according to that testimony the teen pregnancy rate in Fitchburg is 17.1 per 1000

That is over 65% below the state avg.

Let’s put that in perspective: We will make the rash assumption that the books are not being cooked and the federal unemployment rate is 9.7%.

If Massachusetts’ unemployment rate to the Federal government’s had the same ratio as Fitchburg’s teen pregnancy rate does to the state of Massachusetts, the state unemployment rate would be below 3.39%.

That leads to some interesting common sense questions:

1. If my business was to address unemployment would I operate in an area with 3.39% unemployment or an area with 9.7% unemployment?

2. If I was giving out a government grant to address a problem such as unemployment would I give a grant to operate in a city with a 3.39% unemployment rate when the national avg is 9.7%?

3. If my business was dependent on a government grant showing a need for my services (say unemployment), and the place where I was opening had an unemployment rate 65% below the state avg. Would it be in my interest for the unemployment rate remain 65% below the state avg or would it be in my interest for that rate to rise to “demonstrate” the need for my services.

Just askin.

  1. To be blunt: that your teen pregnancy rate is below the state-wide average, despite living in a town that is, compared to much of the rest of the state, rather blue-collar and having other attributes that tend to correlate to teen pregnancy, it is amazing that Fitchburg is doing as well as it does.

    My guess is that the religious leaders in your community are responsible for the good turn of events. My second guess is that PP is moving in because it wants to undermine the authority of the (highly successful) churches. In doing so, it can manufacture a crisis.

    There isn’t money to be made, federal grants to be had, nor babies to be killed when teenagers aren’t getting themselves knocked up.