CPAC Funding update

Posted: February 2, 2010 by datechguy in personal
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Well today has been an interesting day in that regard. Yesterday I found myself at just under 9% of the goal set to get me there.

Since then three people have kicked in, including to my surprise a local businessman who I had just told the story to in passing. That has boosted me to just under 28% of the goal with 11 days to go.

Is there any chance of making up the other 72% by then? I have no idea, but to those who have kicked in a little and to those who have kicked in a lot, I am very humbled by your support. This is your hard earned cash and the fact that you are sharing it with me really is something. I won’t forget it.

If you would like to help drop that remaining percentage click here and follow the relevant links. Please specify CPAC on the comment line in PAYPAL if you are specifically giving to that end. I’ll be keeping you informed on how the progress goes as the days go by.

As always to those who kick in and to those who do not thanks for reading and spending a portion of your day with me.

  1. El Mexicano says:

    Dude, you need to put the tip jar right in front of our faces. I had trouble finding and had actually given up the first time I tried to make a donation. Look at Stacy’s blog, he has that Donate button on the frontpage and above the fold. DO IT NOW!

  2. El Mexicano says:

    Oh, that could be the case. But what you can do is put a big link in your sidebar with a “text” widget and headline the widget as your CPAC donation link. That link will take you your donation page.

    The link on your pages widget doesn’t stand out enough. It needs some isolation. You could also make a small post headlined as your Cpac fund and use the “sticky” option to keep the post up top for a few days see if your readers notice it. You newest posts will be posted in regular fashion below the post you used the “sticky” option on.

    Use this html code to post that link on a “text” widget:

    DaTechGuy’s CPAC Fund

    Email me if you need some more help!

    Good luck!