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SNL and Brown

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Although everyone in the house found the Scott Brown SNL sketch funny the most amazing thing about it is Brown’s reaction.

Brown smiled as he watched it. “Thank goodness I like a good laugh,” he tells National Review Online. “That was pretty funny. I wish I could host SNL some day. I’ve been watching it since I was young. Jon Hamm is great.” But what about Hamm’s Boston accent? “He did a great job,” says Brown. “He doesn’t really sound like me, but it was very funny.”

Contrast his laughing at a portrayal of him as the sex object of Barney Frank’s dreams to just three months ago when CNN was so shocked at a SNL tweaking pres Obama’s “accomplishments” that they felt the need to fact check it.

No word on how Martha Coakley reacted to the opening sketch.

One thing that people may not realize, it’s not enough just to play the “regular guy”. You have to actually respect he opinions of the voters you represent. Adam Andrzejewski seems to understand this. As long as GOP candidates keep that in mind running and governing accordingly. As Senator Elect Brown said only this week. “People aren’t stupid“.

Speaking of Dr. Who…

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Billie Piper is dropping hints that a movie is on the way

via Planet Gallifrey, one of the best Dr. Who sites out there.

One thing to remember here in the US Dr. who has its followers (like myself the old PBS crowd) but in England it has been an institution for 47 years. Even during the period when it was off the air it was known and toys, books, a movie and audios kept it alive.

If you say the word “Dalek” to an American odds are they won’t know what you are talking about. It would be almost impossible to find an Englishmen who could say the same.

An FYI to new readers…

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…and there are quite a few of them these days. As a rule I post less on weekends since that’s when the wife and kids have off. So you will see scheduled posts of Amazon reviews that I do during the week. Under the old system I’m a top 1000 reviewer (730 or so), under the new system that they started recently to encourage more reviews I’m around 1300.

Since I’ve been reviewing for a while If I get behind no new things to read I will on occasion link to an old pre-blog review as well.

So feel free to check out the various things, I particularly recommend the Big Finish Dr. Who audios, but for them check out Mike’s comics to my knowledge they have the best prices on them online.

Drums along the Mohawk: Amazon Review

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My review of the 1939 film Drums along the Mohawk staring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert is available at here.

Ironically many of the faces you will see in this movie would shortly be associated with John Wayne as he had his own breakthrough film Stagecoach the same year.

This movie is shown frequently on cable, if you can’t find it at your local video store keep an eye on your cable network.