Mark Steyn and Robert Stacy McCain both know…

Posted: January 28, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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…that demographics is destiny.

Be afraid oh ye of the left, be very afraid.

Update: Didn’t see it before but this post by Zombie concerning the numbers at the SAN FRANCISCO march for life. 40,000 pro life marchers met by 80 on the other side. One interesting bit:

There was a racial undertone to the day’s proceedings as well. The vast majority of the pro-choice side was white, while a substantial percentage of the pro-life side were racial minorities — in particular, Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islander.

and the big finish…

You might be tempted to justify the small turnout at the counter-protest because it may have been poorly advertised, or that the Left was caught by surprise, learning of the rally only the day before, preventing any possibility of generating a substantial pro-choice presence. But no. First of all, the Walk for Life is an annual event, and everyone knew full well months in advance when it was scheduled to happen. The local leftists protest the Walk for Life every year, so it was most definitely on their calendar. Furthermore, the counter-protest was widely and extensively advertised on local liberal sites (which is how I found out about this event myself, since I scan such sites for local happenings). Examples of online notices exhorting people to come stand with the pro-choice counter-protest can be found at IndyBay, BACORR, SFist, Bay Area Progressive Directory, among many others. In short: It was no secret. Everyone who was possibly interested in the issue knew that January 23 was the big day.

The question then becomes: Why did basically no one on the pro-choice side show up, aside from a few demented radicals?

Simple logic: Two generations have passed since Roe v Wade. One side of that debate, a decidedly religious side, has not only had more children but, as a rule rarely aborts them. Thus 40 years later when the time comes for a march their people are available to attend.

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