Protest on Main street tomorrow

Posted: January 27, 2010 by datechguy in local stuff
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Newly re-elected city counselor-at-large Rosemary Reynolds (who won the seat held by Annie DiMartino) attended a meeting of Mass Right to Life in Fitchburg and informed them that Planned Parenthood will NOT be attending the Tuesday city counsel meeting on the 2nd.

Supposedly this is due to a key official of PP not being able to make it.

I wouldn’t put it past them to try to “deke” people in order to keep the turnout down so I think I’ll show up anyway.

The group will also hold a protest on main street tomorrow. I’m sure that will re-assure the remaining merchants on main street that PP won’t hurt business.

One side thought. The one Mosque in Fitchburg is located on main street. As Islam generally opposes abortion I wonder if the local Muslim community will be joining this protest?

Oh fyi the “re-elected” refers to her previous time on the city counsel.

  1. The nephew says:

    Whoa wait a minute!

    People of the town will protest on Main Street when it comes to a social services organization coming to Main Street, one which these people will never use but rather want to be sure that noone who needs such a service have local access to it, but when it comes to holding a protest and pressuring the mayor, city council, and other town officials to get the street lights turned back on people stay at home?

    I’m confused by this.

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  4. The nephew says:

    Oops my mistake. It didn’t connect to me that the group Right to Life organized the protest.

    It would be nice to know how many non RTL group members were a part of this protest.

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