Mr. O’Keefe should have remembered the words of President Cleveland… Award Retracted

Posted: January 27, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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He said:

A Democratic Thief is as bad as a republican one.

One doesn’t want to pre-judge a case but to say the least it doesn’t look good. There is no question that if they were trying to bug a Senator’s office that would be a federal offense.

One should not get the idea that you can violate law with impunity. Of course it’s not the organized corruption of ACORN. We seem to be dealing with a bunch of 20 somethings who are too full of themselves. Unlike the ACORN films this is one story involving Mr. O’Keefe that will not be ignored by the MSM.

As Ann Althouse’s commentator says O’Keefe deserves the gratitude of the nation for his Acorn expose, but lets be frank, if this had been a democrat breaking in to a republican’s office we would be all over him. A reasonable person would conclude that this stinks and stinks badly.

Of course a reasonable person given the early evidence would have concluded a certain gentleman was murdered in Kentucky so if people want to withhold judgment that’s up to them. For me I gotta call ’em as I seem em and from what I’m currently seeing O’Keefe joins John Edwards in the as a winner of the “Wheel of Fish” award.

If subsequent facts prove me wrong then I’ll retract it.

Update: Breitbart comes out swinging

Update 2 : I think the egg is on my face in 35 days or so of this story O’Keefe has been looking better and better and the MSM has looked like a bunch of fools. Consider the Wheel of Fish award retracted.

  1. OldNuc says:

    Well, I think Breitbart has a valid point here. As of this writing all that is out there is a very small part of one side of the story. Smart people wait until at least both sides of the story come out before passing judgment. It does seem to be a Republican trait to instantly savage a group or individual as soon as there is any hint of improper action. This is not prudent or proper in any case. Why allow the MSM and the other hangers on to the progressive cause to drive our actions? Everyone with half of a functional brain realizes that if the initial charge is true then a serious mistake has been made. There is plenty of time for condemnation if the story proves true so lets all just be calm and wait till we actually hear both sides before we send for the lynch mob.

  2. Allen Funt says:

    Until O’Keefe releases the unedited ACORN tapes and shows that what he represented by his edited versions was what really happened, we have no reason to believe him on this.

    Why hasn’t O’Keefe and Breibart released the unedited ACORN tapes? What are they hiding?

    More interesting to me is whether Andrew Breitbart is going to be shown to have paid for this New Orleans stunt. He’s admitted on Hugh Hewitt’s show that O’Keefe is on his Big payroll and so far, ACORN is his website’s sole moment of glory. Was he behind this stunt?

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