The Flemish menace foiled again…

Posted: January 26, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, war
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…as what appears to be a terrorist attack waiting to happen is stopped!

Somerset County investigators seized a cache of weapons including a grenade launcher and hundreds of rounds of ammunition today from the Branchburg motel room of a Virginia man, who also had maps of a U.S. military facility and an out-of-state civilian community.

As the police are asking for help if anyone has any information it’s our duty to remind people how to spot the Flemish menace if it comes to your town!

Your guide to the Flemish Menace!

And don’t left blogs like Riehl or Atlas distract you with this line:

Investigators also found Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress, Forrest said.

…that’s a red herring to throw us off the track. After all the media or government wouldn’t ignore a mid-east or islamic connection if it existed, would they?

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