As someone who has struggled with unemployment…

Posted: January 26, 2010 by datechguy in employment, internet/free speech
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…this really bothers me:

The likes of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and have launched assaults against not only this site, but against us personally. Against us as private citizens and individuals. They are costing us work, harassing us at home, making physical threats against us, and doing everything they can to shut us down. emphasis mine

Trying to cost them their jobs and livelihood, particularly in this economy? That’s way over the line!

It is one thing to go after someone politically. If you are going to be in the marketplace of ideas you have to be prepared to take some bruises. It’s quite another when you try to take away a person’s livelihood. I’ve seen this before and the same word applies now as it did then.


  1. clay barham says:

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