Unclear on the misogyny…

Posted: January 25, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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While the left goes after the Brown family for videos, spreads and Dads tweaking daughters nobody but Atlas seems to have comment on this:

A 16 year-old girl may lose her eye as punishment for chatting on MSN. Caught while she was on the computer one day in December, she was beaten and held prisoner in the family apartment in the Raguenets housing project in Saint-Gratien (Val d’Oise). The victim was punished by her two brothers had with the approval of their strict Muslim parents. The four of them had held a family counsel to escape from legal consequences. Yesterday, the brothers and parents were arraigned before a magistrate in the court of Pontoise, charged with deliberate violence, sequestration for more than seven days, and depriving the victim of medical treatment.

Can you say “perspective”?

Oh and look at Memeorandum Pam’s story sits on the “earlier items” section with NO LINKS. compare that to the traffic that was generated for the music video link and ask yourself what matters more?

  1. The Leftists claim that, if given our way, we would turn into the Taliban, except, of course, the Taliban has a cultural excuse for being that way and we don’t.

    Or something.

    Reality is that feminists cared about the human rights abuses that run rampant in that culture before 9/11; once George Bush got involved and said that the culture needed to be destroyed, they stopped caring.