There seems to be a problem with my unemployment…

Posted: January 25, 2010 by datechguy in employment
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…so I will be off early tomorrow morning to try to get it settled. So I’ll likely be blogging much less than I normally do in the AM.

Hopefully it will get resolved quickly or things will get very nasty here rather fast.

Likely it is just routine but boy this is getting really old.

  1. CoryDoo says:

    Good luck. Remember what you go through tomorrow could be SOP for a doctor visit soon.

  2. B says:

    I also live in Fitchburg and have been unemployed for two years now. I’ve applied for over 150 jobs and have gotten nothing. I’m starting to get scared out of my mind.

    Can anyone qualify for unemployment? I’ve never looked into it — I don’t want it, I want to work, and keep applying, but can get nothing and am heading toward homelessness. If I could get unemployment it might be the only thing to keep me alive, but I doubt I would be eligible. What do you have to do?

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  4. The nephew says:

    It is simply just a transition from a state unemployment extension to a federal extension. For me last year during that time I received only 1 paper check and direct deposit continued after that. I also received other paperwork, that scared me, but it was just automatic computer-generated nonsense.
    Whenever there was a transition the system said that i was no longer qualified for unemployment payments, however by the next day everything was back to normal again, I just had to request my payment a day later.