The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1: Amazon Review

Posted: January 23, 2010 by datechguy in amazon reviews, catholic
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My review of Adventures of Robin Hood season 1 staring Richard Greene as Robin Hood is available at here.

Two things worth noting. Both the DVD quality and the packaging of the versions are considerably higher. If price (including shipping) is not an object you might want to consider the British versions if your DVD player will play them.

The second is a great Irony. As you may or may not know these episodes from the 50’s were written by blacklisted (communists-in-exile would be more accurate) writers such as Ring Laudner under pseudonyms. Whatever their political leanings they were excellent writers and the quality of the series showed this, however often they used the church, (at that time the Catholic Church) as their main “official” counterweight against the evils of the Sheriff and Prince John.

The subtle hints of propaganda concerning communism pretty much gets lost in the stories, (in fact one can safely say the left has been acting a whole lot more like the feudal lords who are for the most part the villains of the show.) but the affirmation of the Church as a source of good shines through in a way that the writers would likely regret today.

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