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…was of the counter of the Fifth Street Diner, (also known as the old time Luncheonette).

Well Stacy is gone but not forgotten, if you are in Fitchburg sometime in the future and you sit in the corner booth at the Diner/Luncheonette you will see a photo of a man sans fedora wearing a red sweat shirt with ALABAMA across the center of it with a big smile.

Come down and see it while you get the fish in particular, unless you are Charles Johnson, then sit at the other end next to the door, the fish is too good to be spat out in anger.

My review of the Big Finish adventure #14 Doctor Who the Holy Terror featuring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and Robert Jezek as Frobisher the Whifferdill (in his usual Penguin form) is available at here.

Check out the trailer at the Big Finish site. This is one of the funniest yet profound episodes of the entire run. It is the also the only regular episode of the run that featured Frobisher (a second episode The Maltese Penguin was a special release). I hope we can see him return from his 8 year absence sometime in 2011 or perhaps in a companion Chronicles release.

As always both episodes as well as the entire Big Finish Run are available by mail order via Mike’s Comics of Worcester.

My review of Mary Lefkowitz book: History Lesson: A Race Odyssey is available at here.

You will not that I wrote this review a bit ago. Normally I write Amazon reviews during the week and schedule them on weekend but I was otherwise engaged so this weekend I’m linking to some of my older reviews of various things you might have missed.

You will also note that I tagged this review with “Still Angry Left”. When you read this book you will understand why.

One of the side effects of a blog suddenly getting a lot more traffic then it used to in an increased number of e-mail to deal with and a whole lot more comments to answer and think about.

One of those commentators was Cindy who had this to say about the “daughter being available” business:

That is something my dad would do. In fact, he’s done a lot worse than that. I don’t care much, and I’m sure his daughters don’t, either. If your dad speaks in public (mine’s a preacher), you kinda get used to being poked at that way. People need to lighten up.

Now I don’t know Cindy and it’s unlikely we will ever meet but my apolitical wife had the same reaction. I’ll wager a lot of sons and daughters across the country of every political persuasion had this same reaction.

In a world were 12 year old girls are sold for cows and 13 year old girls get 90 lashes for taking a cell phone to school an attempt to portray Senator Brown’s remarks as misogyny doesn’t rate and that Army of Cindys out there knows it.

The worst thing a political party or movement can do is to lose credibility with the people they are trying to persuade. When you make a charge that regular people recognize as bogus the fall away begins.

Update: Reaganite Republican links thanks: American Glob doesn’t but I felt like linking to him anyway.

Update 2: Robert Stacy Links me all over. The fact that some people are making what they are of this say a whole lot more about them then it does about Scott Brown.