Planned Parenthood in Fitchburg…

Posted: January 21, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, local stuff
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…the paper this morning had the story but it has finally appeared online:

Assurances that abortions will not be performed left the Rev. H. Edward Chalmers unconvinced, and Chalmers was wary about the prospect of an office opening in Fitchburg.

“They may not be doing abortion services there, but they could be recommended,” Chalmers, of St. Bernard’s Parish in Fitchburg, said. “(Planned Parenthood) is the largest abortion provider in the United States.”

Or in English: We won’t be tossing the bodies here but we can direct you to the tin.

Mayor Lisa Wong, who was unaware of Planned Parenthood’s plans to come to Fitchburg, said its presence in the city will likely be “polarizing.”

“There might be a lot of people who are happy to see it there, are there will probably be a lot of people who aren’t going to happy to see something like this going downtown,” Wong said.

Saying planned parenthood is “likely to be polarizing” is like saying “water is likely to be wet”

Planned parenthood says it will not perform abortions here because it is:

…opening the Fitchburg office using federal grant money it received in December, which carries the stipulation that abortions will not be provided.

So if the law changes or if they can come up with dough to open elsewhere with different money then: bring on the bodies!

Let’s not play games, Planned Parenthood makes money off abortions, that is their primary business. It is the business of death and deception. To pretend otherwise is an insult to both science and intelligence. The fight is now going to come here and the question is going to quickly become; what side are you on?

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  8. Bill Pastard says:

    It’s a little like global warming. You got a very angry, loud minority going crazy over something, but they won’t be honest about it. They have to demonize their opponents and suggest all sorts of evil motives. Climate scientists created a globe-spanning multi-decade hoax involving tens of thousands of people in order to get more, uh…gee, what would they want? Grants! Yeah, more research grants! Those rotten scientists, tooling around in their flashy sports cars around the world and such! Oh, and same deal with Planned Parenthood- the only reason it exists is because abortions are big business! You always see those abortion doctors throwing lavish parties at their scrumptious vacation homes on E!

    Sometimes, I think it says a lot more about the accuser than it does the accused.