Oh brother…available for Marriage

Posted: January 21, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Doesn’t Glenn Beck have an aunt with an unmarried son or daughter who is always saying they are available trying to find them a spouse?

Anybody from any Italian family would have seen the remark for what it was. Beck should know better and so should the idiots who are pretending that Senator Brown is “pimping out his daughters“. If they’re not ashamed of themselves they should be.

Yeah it might have been embarrassing but every person reading this has been embarrassed by their parent at one time or another. This is called real life.

Speaking of marriage I’ve heard Eric Erickson’s point concerning John Edwards made before, I dismiss it. He signed the contract, it’s up to him to honor it or use the escape clause that the law provides.

Update 2: Cindy’s comment deserved a post of it’s own.

Update 3: Robert Stacy Links me all over. The fact that some people are making what they are of this say a whole lot more about them then it does about Scott Brown. (yup another cut and paste job)

  1. If his daughters were 15, it would be creepy; if they were 30, it would be mean.

    But his daughters are lovely, personable young ladies; Scott was just answering the question that every single young man in that room was asking.

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  3. Cindy says:

    That is something my dad would do. In fact, he’s done a lot worse than that. I don’t care much, and I’m sure his daughters don’t, either. If your dad speaks in public (mine’s a preacher), you kinda get used to being poked at that way. People need to lighten up.

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