Ok here are the political questions that this election leads to

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Will this be Hungary in 1958 or Berlin in 1991 for Massachusetts?

Will the GOP recruit candidates to exploit the victory within the state? Will the National GOP recognize the opportunity that they have been given and exploit the success with cash?

Will the Democrats actually learn from this or will it be a river in Egypt? (partial answer provided)

How much slack will democrats who crossed over give Brown to vote with his caucus?

Can Martha Coakley get up after taking a political knockdown?

Will the state democrats who were planning to move up when she was elected decide to challenge her for AG?

Will Scott Brown let this “Presidential NONSENSE” (yes I said nonsense) go to his head?

Will the democratic congress do the one smart political thing they could do to salvage the Health Care Bill crisis? (No I’m not telling what it is but I discussed it with Smitty and he agrees with me.)

Will Mitt Romney use this as a template to build up debts that the base will recognize?

Will the fundraiser windfall that comes with this victory be used wisely?

Will president Obama moderate his positions or double down?

Will the MSM and the rino media recant the “Republicans can’t win unless they drop conservatism stuff” rhetoric? Who will be the first online journalist (cough David Frum cough) to admit he was wrong?

It will be fun for us to find out together.

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