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…go easy on the robocalls. My wife says if she gets any more of them she’s going to filp the other way.

Hey you are looking at a net +3 in the house, lets not change it to a +1.

(Watch the Coakley campaign start looking for my number )

…on this idea that it’s odd that “Catholics” are voting for “Protestant” Brown.

These aren’t the days of No Irish Need Apply anymore. The Catholics who live here aren’t poor and aren’t oppressed by their Protestant overloads and neither were their fathers.

We are much more likely to take note of Nun Need Apply.

He needs to get out of Washington and New York City and get to the 5th Street Diner & Old Time Luncheonette in Fitchburg more often. Or Barnicle can take him to the Moran Square Diner if he prefers.

…that Martha Coakley says her voter turnout effort will win her the day.

Well it’s possible but the snow on the ground is going to hamper digging in graveyards statewide.

I can’t see it happening with stuff like this going on.

There is snow on the ground…

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my driveway is plowed in, and I’ve been running around this state like a Chicken with his head cut off for the last 3 days.

So this morning as my body asks me why I’m drinking Lambrusco at 1:30 AM while blogging I’m going to cook some breakfast and shovel out the drive and THEN worry about what is happening in the election…

…well ok I’ll watch a bit of MSNBC so I can see them squirm too. Missing the MSM’s reaction to all of this has been the one disadvantage of reporting this first hand.