Doctor Who Blue Forgotten Planet: Amazon Review

Posted: January 16, 2010 by datechguy in amazon reviews, doctor who
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My Review of the Big Finish adventure Blue Forgotten Planet # 126 featuring Colin Baker as the 6th doctor and India Fisher in her final adventure as Charley Pollard is available at here.

This marks the end of the Incredible 10 year continuous run of Charley Pollard as the companion of the doctor in new adventures. This is the longest run of any character or Actor in any of the various series. From Storm Warning

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to The Girl who never was she was in every 8th doctor adventure. Once she was paired with Colin Baker in the Condemned, for two years with only a single exception (Assassin in the Twilight) she was the companion for every 6th doctor in the series until this one.

Ironically if you are a big finish regular you saw that Blue Forgotten Planet was actually scheduled for adventure # 114 or so. The title was up but no details were there. This was because Charley was meant to have 3 adventures with the 6th Doctor and that would be it, but the response was so great and popular that Blue Forgotten Planet disappeared from the schedule and Charley traveled on.

Charley is actually going to return in the first 8th doctor companion chronicles later this year Solitare so we haven’t seen the last of India or Charley, but it’s been a great run and some great fun.

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