Coakley and Brown Rallies etc, Compare and Contrast.

Posted: January 15, 2010 by datechguy in elections, local stuff, opinion/news
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Scott Brown: Rally held at the North end, a public place hoping to attract a crowd of voters.

Martha Coakley: Rally held at a college hall hoping to generate a crowd using students.

Scott Brown: Taking questions both from the press and from the voters at the rally

Martha Coakley: The press is kept far enough to prevent them asking questions and none are taken.

Scott Brown: Able to draw a crowd with or without a celeb like Rudy

Martha Coakely: Needs a president, two congressmen and a Lt. Gov, plus Unions to generate a crowd

Scott Brown: Voters motivated to meet him, pressing him much more than Rudy.

Martha Coakley: The people there who were not union members ordered to be there (and several unions were there) came to see Bill Clinton.

Scott Brown: Two hecklers in the large crowd.

Martha Coakely: More than 75 people outside less that 20% being students.

Martha Coakley: A rally consisting mostly of students, many of them not elegible or registered to vote (I talked to several from China) in Massachusetts (no word if they are registered in “Massachusettes”)

Scott Brown: Not only was the Rally full of registered voters but there were more registered voters outside the Coakley rally with Brown than within the Coakley rally with her.

Scott Brown: So many volunteers that people can’t get into the headquarters.

Martha Coakley: So few that she has to get people at the Rally to “sign in” (we didn’t) and asked them to make calls for her before the rally on their cells (few did).


I think my pessimism might have been premature but this is Massachusetts. These people are so shocked at the prospect of defeat there is always the chance that they might try to steal it if it is close enough. I don’t know if they will try but right now people are panicked so anything is possible.

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