Always assume your foes are using good judgement

Posted: January 15, 2010 by datechguy in elections, employment, opinion/news
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I can’t believe that president Obama is going to come to Massachusetts on Sunday unless he believes that his presence is going to make the difference in turning this campaign around. Then again I figured his trip to the Olympic stuff meant the fix was in and it sure wasn’t.

He is a lot less popular than people think, particularly when those voters get letters like the one I just opened:

Due to the complex nature of the procedure required to implement the program, a temporary payment program will be installed to make payments until the permanent payment program is implemented. During this interim period, if you are eligible and continue to certify weekly, you will be issued batch payments. Please be aware that the interim payment system does not include up to date account balances, hence your account inquiry will show a zero balance. This will change once weekly payments resume.

Or in other words if you are on unemployment, we need to hold your payments for a couple of weeks.

Considering that the first sentence of the letter mentions president Obama’s signature on this legislation the reader will tend to associate this problem with him. I suspect he has little responsibility for the complexity of the legislation but the people reading will the letter won’t be thinking that. They will see “President Obama” and “your checks are delayed.”

Talk about bad timing! And this is the man that they are bringing into help shore up Martha “I hate People” Coakley? Can’t anyone play this game?

  1. Play by the rules Obama, M. Coakley and the machine. You are traitors to the american people. No respect to the constitution and rights of the citizens of america. Obama and M. Coakley and democrates you are cowards. The above is true what is said about Obama and the machine. Support Scott Brown, he stands by the american citizens. and the citizens of Mass. May God help our nation with this election to stop dictatorship. Pray for america and give thanksgiving unto the Lord. It is in his hands now. Americans, stand up and be americans. Defend your nation. The rest is up to you. Do the right thing. Vote for freedom.