Martha Coakley has a great career ahead of her…

Posted: January 13, 2010 by datechguy in elections, internet/free speech
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…as a UN Nuclear inspector in Iran, I’m sure her eagle eyes are just what Ahmadinejad is looking for in an inspector; at least that is my thought after reading this:

“I know there were people following, including people from the Brown campaign who have been very aggressive in their stalking. I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred. I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that.”.

I’m not privy to the facts!? Lets look at that picture again:

After that performance maybe the idea that she gets her foreign affairs info from her sister isn’t such a bad thing.

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise for the democrats, if she continues to act this idiotic in public they can blame a possible Brown win not on a republican surge but on the worst candidate evah!.

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