There is an awful lot of news on the net concerning Scott Brown…

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Not Tucker Carlson collects some big headlines today:

There are several stories here worth following but his biggest link is the endorsement of the Worcester Telegram.

From what debates have occurred, however, the differences between the contenders are clear. Ms. Coakley would constitute a willing 60th vote for just about anything that the Democratic majority in Congress favors, including the budget-busting health-care reform legislation whose final details are now being debated in Congress. As noted above, that alone is not a reason to reject her candidacy, but there is little reason to believe that, on any major issue, Ms. Coakley would constitute anything other than another link in an unbroken chain of Democratic votes to expand the reach and role of government.

That lockstep mentality and one-party rule has not served the people of Massachusetts well on Beacon Hill, but led to a culture of corruption and arrogance. The same has been true on Capitol Hill, where, whether under President Bush or President Obama, large majorities for one party or the other have led to complacency, overspending, and a willingness to shutter debates and muffle the voice of the people.

The last paragraph is critical and it reflects the real change that has taken place with Ted Kennedy’s death and, in my opinion the primary reason why he kept getting re-elected:

The reality is that Massachusetts voters gain little by electing yet another Democrat to a congressional delegation that is already the bluest in the nation. With Mr. Brown, they would establish a foothold on the GOP side of the aisle that could prove invaluable in coming years when, as it inevitably does, the pendulum of political power swings back toward the middle. emphasis mine

The Days of Tip O’Neill, and John McCormick are long gone. The fact is that Ted Kennedy the last link to that era, had power, even in the minority. His seniority, incredible political skill and his knowledge of where the bodies were buried in Washington was huge. Massachusetts no longer has the clout is used to have. When Ted was there you messed with Massachusetts at your own risk. With him gone Massachusetts is just another Northeastern state with a falling amount of congressional seats and electoral votes.

A republican seat would mean that when power shifts the state will not be locked out, in fact a republican congress would be inclined to make sure that Brown is taken care of to boost prospects for the party up here.

I’m still not over confident but I’m feeling better and better and the ready made tag line fed by Gergen is certainly going to help.

Vote Brown, I am.

Update: Martha Coakley may have to ask her sister about what do do with Al Qaeda but when it comes to gardening clubs she’s tough as nails.

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