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Q: Judging by the MSM coverage what is the advice that Brit Hume should have given Tiger Woods?

After all it seems that the forgiveness that Christ offers has it’s greatest effect primarily after death, but the forgiveness that being a liberal democrat brings covers you at once.

It covered Ted Kennedy , it covered Bill Clinton and now it covers Harry Reid. It doesn’t cover Don Imus or George Allen or Trent Lott.

Robert Stacy’s brilliant post not withstanding it’s not mine or Glenn Reynolds, or Andrew Sullivan’s forgiveness that matters, its the MSM’s.

…and that MSM is an ally of the Democratic party. The party that defended slavery, the party that preached secession, the party of Separate but equal, Jim Crow and Segregation forever. That party has decided to give Harry Reid absolution so the media will too.

It is standards like this that polarizes this country. They should be ashamed.

Update: Adrienne is right on the money:

I’m so tired of people taking offense and railing over each other about every perceived slight. “I’m offended” has become modern man’s mantra.

I’m with her.