End of Time: My rant

Posted: January 2, 2010 by datechguy in doctor who
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Watched the 2nd part of end of time online yesterday since I didn’t know if I”d have time to see it tonight, but to avoid spoilers I’m scheduling this review after the fact so you can see it yourself in the US before you hear my thoughts.

Be aware this is one big spoiler.

First of all, an awful lot of work for John Simm in this episode, I hope he got a proper paycheck for it but it seemed to me that he was wasted a bit, not enough “Masterly” stuff.

I agree with my son, there was absolutely no reason for Donna Noble to be there.

The device of the Time Lords using the beat in the Master’s head to bring themselves back was pretty clever and was a really worthy plot, but it was used poorly.

The suggestion that the time lords as a whole went mad was kind of loony as was the idea that they were going to destroy themselves and become “disembodied” was very star trekish. Davies decision to re-write the entire Time lord psyche from science to superstition was really bad.

Ironically this can fit in seamlessly with the audios in the sense that Romana was dealing with an upheaval, she can escape with a small group of Time Lords. Perhaps due to the conflict between Science and superstition. Rassilon going nuts and returning also actually fits with the audios.

Wilf seemed to have very little to do, I thought it was a good parody that he was huffing and puffing, he’s not built for running. He was under used, and there were just too many unanswered questions.

The comic relief aliens were cute but seemed to have not much to do other than the first of two “star wars” sequences.

The climax/solution was lame. It had a lot in common with the climax of Simm’s first episode, it’s as if Davies just doesn’t know what to do with him. Simm makes a great master but it seems that Davies just can’t write a 2nd part for him. Both of his Master stories started great but finished poorly.

This episode was clearly the worst of the two parts although there was plenty of sentiment particularly near the end. All of the years specials were superior. I would rank them (Planet of Dead, Next Doctor, Waters of Mars, End of time. If you consider part 1 separate then that would be above Waters of Mars and just barely below the Next doctor.

I’ve head of a slow death but that was ridiculous.

Of the sentimental stuff at the end, the Captain Jack stuff was predictable, pure Davies. The Mickey/Martha stuff was odd, It would have made sense to spend more time with Sarah Jane as she had dealt with this stuff before. The Rose stuff was very bad to say the least, the Wedding stuff was ok.

I must confess however the book signing brought tears to my eyes. It was a classic moment.

The regeneration itself seemed poor, I think it would have been better with Sarah Jane there but the device of him being alone was the theme of the entire series of specials. The first season regeneration was far superior.

Matt Smith seemed better with a second look, It’s all a question if the scripts can keep up.

It looks like David Tennant becomes Sylvester McCoy in the end, a manic and fun doctor becomes a brooding one.

If it was an amazon review I’d give it 3 stars

Performances 4 1/2
Plot 3 1/2
Writing 2

This really could have been a great episode but it turned out average, it doesn’t hold up well against the other episodes of the Tennant series, and is the weakest of the specials. I can name several worse (Fear Her, Midnight and Last of the Time Lords come to mind at once. I think Tennant deserved a better send off.

I don’t think I’ll buy the DVD.

  1. bee says:

    loved dr who in the 80s and the 00s

    it’s just entertainment for kids (including big kids) so no point taking it too seriously. I agree that there are some unanwered questions such as who was the timelord-lady and why did she contact wilf? also, throughout the whole series, the doctor never offered the explanation that the tardis goes off target in response to universal disasters.

    since the episode where the doctor’s daughter Jenny was created, I’ve been waiting for a reappearance or a sequal.

    sad to see tennant leave and sorry to see the end of simm’s master – I really warmed to him!!! best of luck to matt smith, it’s a huge responsibility to keep up that popularity.

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  3. plums says:

    i just stumbled across this, HAD to comment.
    i thought wilf was brilliant, and that he had a lot to do, considering he essentially killed david tenninch’s doctor. i thought that was a stroke of genius by RTD.
    Donna did need to be there – she’s was the doctor’s best friend! not lover, but best friend. it was nice in the last series that we didn’t have to put up with martha lusting after him (terrible actress).
    finally, the master didn’t need to be masterish a la sound of drums, he needed to be MENTAL. simm delivered this brilliantly.
    I agree that the comic relief aliens where there purely as a plot device, but i think they could have been worse. remember this is a family show, so little children have to scared slightly and made to laugh.
    martha and mike WAS weird.
    harkness makes me cringe.
    the bit with rose was magical. epoch failure – the costume wasn’t right!
    but the bit with the granddaughter? oh man, that made me cry too!
    finally, responding to bee – the master just vanished… perhaps he’ll be back?! the doctor’s daughter will be brilliant to catch up on, but as she was a RDT device, she might not come back :( and also, i’ve heard prof river song will be coming back!
    sorry for the long post, doctor who geek!
    hope you guys have a good new year!

  4. plums says:

    yeah, i think so, although once you get uber complex, kids will just turn off. borrow a kid from next door and try and make him watch face off and see what happens! (other than nightmares, etc)

    sorry, by audios, what do you mean? when i said doctor who geek, i might have just meant the tv series…
    man i’m going to kick myself if i’ve just made a tit out of… myself…

  5. plums says:

    oh man, it predates star wars! (i’m totally not denying yoda, et al would kick the doctor’s arse, but… oh man!)
    cool blog. will be back for more.

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