The new Other McCain site: Not sucky but feels subdued

Posted: January 1, 2010 by datechguy in fun

Robert Stacy is now live on wordpress

The site itself looks much more professional and Smitty is a lot older than I pictured him.

However it is subdued, it seems to have a lot less of ride to the sound of the guns feel.

Of course that’s just a first impression, that might change over time, it still looks a whole lot better than mine.

Congrats to Robert Stacy, may it help him make a nice living while helping our cause.

Update: He has added some color, it makes a huge difference over the test site, still seems more subdued, likely because it is more organized and professional. Less of a pirate.

  1. CGHill says:

    “This time we mean it” is a tricky attitude to translate into a WordPress design.

    I wonder if I should tell him that Anderson Cooper is running WordPress?

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