A: Because it beats having taking action that loses votes…

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Q: Why will the president neither address nor remove Kevin Jennings from his safe school Czar position?

Gay activists are already very upset at the president’s inaction on several fronts that they have demanded action on. The White house doesn’t take this action because said actions are political losers. Every Democrat in congress knows this or they would have taken action on these items years ago.

The White House needs to pacify this group that supplies cash without actually taking action. In Kevin Jennings they have found the perfect vehicle for this goal.

Gay activists know they have been played for suckers, but they also understand that the Jennings matter is potentially more dangerous than any other to them.

This person has been lionized and held up as an example by their community, so much so that he got the White House appointment. However like the University of East Anglia Scientists (Go Polar Bears!) they also know what the result of the widespread publicity of the GLSEN agenda would be. Attitudes have changed over the decades but not THAT much.

They understand that any acknowledgment of the Jennings scandal puts their entire agenda out before the public in a way that is impossible to address in a positive light. And unlike some national agenda it is a local agenda, something that a state rep or even a city council deals with. That’s something that can people if roused can do something about from the bottom up. It would cause rollbacks on the state and local level faster than an overstocked WalMart.

The White House understands this and by standing behind Jennings they give the radical Gay community what they need rather than what they want without political cost…at least for now.

As long as the media continues to use the same investigative prowess it used on the John Edwards story the White House can duck it and play this game. Since the MSM has embrace the Jennings agenda it is in their own best interest to play it down too. So don’t expect it to crossover to the MSM anytime soon.

Thus Jennings serves a vital interest for the president. He keeps the Gay community in check simply by staying right where he is.

This is the reality and unfortunately the yeoman work of Jim Hoff is unlikely to change it.

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