Yeah, like that money will still be there…

Posted: December 22, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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You know I’ve yet to hear a single person make one of the most obvious points about this healthcare bill.

We all know that the bill front loads the taxes in the bill to help pay for the costs of the bill over ten years. We have a democratic congress that has increased the deficit with record speed sending money like drunken sailors (and a republican one before it that spent money like buzzed sailors, only looking better by comparison). In this bill we see giveaway after giveaway to pay off particular members and states.

Given these facts riddle me this:

Can somebody explain to me how they are going to prevent congress from spending that “extra money” over the next two years, especially with an election where large chunks of the majority are in trouble?

The fact is by the time the provisions of that bill kick in the front loaded tax money is going to be spent 10 times over before a single person is covered.

Elections have consequences, always remember we did this to ourselves.

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