If I had to pick one DC hero to get a movie

Posted: December 21, 2009 by datechguy in hobbies
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I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been Green Lantern instead of Hawkman

I’m gonna try real hard to muster up some give-a-shit for this news item, which comes from our winsome and witty super-duper secret inside source, The Hollywood Cog, who tells me that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are developing a big-screen version of Hawkman.

Ah yes — when Hollywood starts tackling the fringe elements of the Super Friends, you know we’re in trouble. I don’t know a lot about Hawkman, beyond the fact that he’s not a particularly cool-looking superhero, but were DC to try to take Hawkman in a direction similar to what Marvel is doing with Thor, I could see Adrien Brody in the role

As a guy who used to have the first 4 appearances of Hawkman (Brave and the Bold 34) , grabbed the issues of his own mag and enjoyed his backfeature in Detective Comics during the 70’s. I think he is much cooler than Pajiba gives him credit. The golden age version (the one that isn’t an Alien) is pretty cool too.

He can carry a movie, I would like it but I just don’t know if modern movie goers would care for it.

Let’s see Hal Jordan as Green Lantern first.

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