I guess liberals are getting turned off on Obama…

Posted: December 17, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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…Ed Killgore talks about the subject a tad, and on Morning Joe Howard Dean (who has a Washington Post Op-ed today) said he would support Obama but without enthusiasm .

Glenn Reynolds had this to say on the subject.

How long before we hear “we were all had” about Barack Obama? When it becomes unmistakable that the narrative was a lie, I’d guess.

And of course the people who cried loudest how important Obama was to the country and the world will forget what they said.

I’m sure it is unrelated but do you recall the Ron Howard, Henry Winkler/ Andy Griffith video from last election. Try to find it online on video sites, you will find it removed due to funny or die’s copyright claim…then look on funny or die and find it removed altogether.

Down the memory hole it goes. Never to be seen again.

Then try to find it on funny or die and it is removed. On other sites

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