If it’s worth proposing it’s worth reading

Posted: December 16, 2009 by datechguy in fun, opinion/news
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Democrats are shocked and Angry. Bernie Sanders proposed a 700+ page amendment and Tom Colburn objected to the waving of the reading of it.

So right now on C-Span 2 the entire 700+ page Amendment is being read aloud.

To give you a sense of how this could delay things, it took the Senate clerk 18 minutes to get through the first 6 pages of the amendment, which were the table of contents. At this current pace, it will take 38 hours to get through the entire amendment.

I wonder how many more amendments will be offered with Colburn on the floor. I strongly suggest tuning into C-Span 2. You will hear the words amendment of the amendment quite a lot. This is actually important.

What happens in the federal code is that the origonal code gets amended in a law, rather than listing what the existing law is in the bill it say: This section is amended as follows. Often a bill is amended so many times that you have an amendment amending a bill as amended to change one or two phrases. Or something described somewhere else.

If the congressman is not familiar with the existing law, or the existing amendments then one can easily make huge changes to public law affecting millions with a sentence that is almost totally unintelligible to a person reading it.

I’d say it’s watching the sausage factory at work but as I said before that would be an insult to sausage makers like Mike Romano.

As you might guess I love it!

I think if the senate rules allow it, he should call for a quorum call to force all the senators to be attend said reading.

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