…but don’t call them death panels

Posted: December 15, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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When Sarah Palin referred to death panels she was called a liar, or ignored and is still hit for it, even as the section was pulled.

When examples from England’s NIS of brought up we were told that is had nothing to do with the US.

When the mammograms recommendations came out we were told that it isn’t an example of how Government health care would work.

We were told all these things, but there is one important thing about reality, it exists whether or not you want to acknowledge it:

New York used to screen women of all ages, but this year the budget crunch has forced them to focus on those considered at highest risk and exclude women under 50. “It’s a scary thought. It really is,” said LaBarge, who fears she’s at a higher risk because her grandmother died of breast cancer.

Well that is just one state that is on the brink, it’s not like a bunch of states are doing it…oh wait:

At least 14 states cut budgets for free cancer screenings this year: Colorado, Montana, Illinois, Alabama, Minnesota, Connecticut, South Carolina, Utah, Missouri, Washington, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

Via Gateway and Say anything who got to it yesterday.

This story should be a whole lot bigger than it is.

Let me tell you something, if we as a society give the power of life and death to government bureaucrats, we better not be surprised when they will use it.

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