I read this post from the Recovering Liberal on Sarah Palin 2012 with some interest…

Posted: December 13, 2009 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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…it was a good post, but I left a comment pointing out two considerations:

#1. Sarah Palin is young. She doesn’t have to run in 2012. She will be a viable presidential candidate for the next 20 years.

#2. 3 years is a lifetime in the political world. There are a dozen things that can go right for the president and that same dozen things could go wrong for Sarah Palin.

Both of these considerations are valid but thinking on the subject two others have come to mind that deserve their own posts:

3. There are quite a few republicans who will also want that 2012 nomination, particularly if President Obama is as successful in the insuring 3 years as he has been in his first. They will consider it the chance of a lifetime and will pull out all the stops to get that nomination. Mitt Romney the (thankfully) former governor of my state of Massachusetts is one of them. He have few political core beliefs except victory and he has the experience of one failed campaign to help steer him right. The primary issue in 2012 is also going to play to his one legitimate strength and success as governor: Fiscal responsibility.

4. The Democratic (read Soros) money machine that helped get Obama elected is going to be spending a TON of money in the REPUBLICAN primaries. If at all possible they will run some kind of Palin look alike in terms of positions and will make sure said look alike is well financed and has at least one greatly exploitable skeleton in his or her closet. If they can’t find such a candidate then they will back whichever republican is less likely to either win or effect actual change.

In my opinion there are an awful lot of folks who have an awful lot to lose from a successful Palin candidacy, some of them are Republicans. These people are not going to just sit back and let their money and power go away.

If we Palin fans naively forget or ignore these facts, we will not only lose, but we will deserve to.

  1. Northern Virginia Patriot says:

    Perhaps Soros will spend a ton of money – I hope he does, the canary in the Democrat coal mine is NJ. If a self financed, incumbent, Presidentially supported can’t cheat their way to the governship in NJ, then they will not have enough resources to cheat an aroused, informed, battle hardened population. The more Soros wastes in 2010, the better.

    Every day with this democrat congress is an attack on our libery. Everyday we’re fighting, organizing challenging and winning. We’re winning big, NJ, VA & NY-23 (beat the Repub establishment) and we’re winning skirmishes: PA judges, KY-33, and we got Christmas back in Loudoun county VA. The last is significant.

    Loudoun county has a democrat board of supervisors and it voted 7:1 to restore Christmas – Dems aere scared of teh conservative monster that’s awake and ‘hungry’ in Loudoun.

    Come 2010, the organized, outraged, informed electorate will house clean. How do I know? I was a volunteer in the McDonnell campaign. The ‘professionals’ said it would be a 9 point win. I was working with volunteers, listening to voters on the phone, I kew it would be 15+. THAT electorate is not stoping until the current washington establishment is thrown out and we’re smart enough, organized enough and determined enough to understand this is a 20 year project.

    Sarah will be the next President in 2012. We’re going to put teh Federal government back inside the 10th Amendment.

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