The Tree is up but not decorated

Posted: December 12, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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We picked it up at Erickson’s Tree farm in Ashby Mass. It turns out the owner’s son is in my youngest son’s class.

His wife is from the Philippines Islands. Ashby Massachusetts is about as far as Mindanao that you can get in both distance and tempature. She was feeling VERY cold out waiting with the trees.

All trees there are a flat $20 each even with ones as big as 15′ or more tall. That is so much cheaper than most other places it is ridiculous. I asked him why he doesn’t charge more, he said he makes enough with what he does charge and times are hard for people right now. What a nice guy.

As he puts it he sells between 300 & 400 trees per years, many are sold the day he opens (1st Sat. in November). People come down and tag their favorites that day and then cut them as Christmas comes closer. From how they described it the first day is like the running of the brides.

I’m being shouted at because I’m told we will never get a good tree again if everyone finds out. Poppycock! He’ll just plant more.

It came down to three trees before my wife made her final selection, a Scotch Pine that looks simply marvelous!

Oh and the lunch was a big hit too, the wife and my old friend hit it off at once, both are crocheters and like women do generally agree about when I’m wrong.

All and all the day seems to be going pretty well. We have a tree to decorate and a lot of stuff to clean so posting will be kinda spotty the rest of the day if at all.

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