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Today we get the Christmas Tree and meet an old friend for lunch so blogging will likely consist of a few movie reviews scheduled to post.

The tree has to last 25 days so we have to pick carefully. We particularly need it to still look good for the Christmas open house of the 2nd so lets see what happens.

Trade: Amazon Review

Posted: December 12, 2009 by datechguy in amazon reviews

My review of the movie Trade Staring Kevin Kline is available at here.

If you are getting the DVD I advise skipping as many of the previews as possible, it is a bunch of Michael Moore style documentaries that really puts you in the wrong mood for the film itself.

I think the movie wants to pretend it was a documentary when it was not but it was still wasn’t bad. There were a few good performances (Particularly Kline) and is about a topic that deserves much more attention.