1.5 Million? I’d do it for 45k a year!

Posted: December 12, 2009 by datechguy in employment, internet/free speech

Apparently Tucker Carlson raised 1.5 million for his blog.

1.5 Million! I’m letting this number roll around in my head.

I’m no Tucker Carlson and even with the 11th doctor’s example I’m unlikely to go into Bow Ties anytime soon but tell you what.

$800 a week. That’s what I was making when I lost my job. On that money I can pay all my bills and live comfortably. Not high off the hog, I won’t be traveling the world, buying new cars or stockpiling gold, but $800 a week or 45k a year. For that money I would happily blog professionally for the rest of my life, with only minor COL increases after 5 years.

Cripes if Carlson is willing to hire me I’d be willing to blog on his site for $800 a week and do follow up research and the whole 10 yards (Id do the whole 9 but then I’d have to either punt or go for it on 4th down.) that price and do some solid research.

Consider this an open ended offer for any conservative web site that is looking for a conservative blogger for hire.

Update: Somehow all the links in this post vanished into thin air. I got the Carlson Number from Robert Stacy and include the link he was owed for it now.

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