For my 2000th post I thought I’d list my 10 most popular posts…

Posted: December 11, 2009 by datechguy in oddities, personal
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…in terms of hits.

#10 is from Sept 22nd. The title says it all:

DaTechGuy Banned by LGF.

I guess this would qualify under rule 4.

#9 with 6% more hits than #10 is from May 7th and deals with Baseball and the wisdom of youth, a particular youth.

That Theo Epstein is really smart:

The topic of the post was Manny and steroids. I think it’s still a valid question, would Manny have made the money he did without the drugs?

#8 with about 9% more hits than #7 was big news on Oct 22nd 2009:


This was big news then and the fact that it lead to the defeat of Dede is still one of the best things that has happened to the GOP, David Frum not withstanding

#7 has a full 31% increase on #8 but the numbers are a bit phony in one respect. From April 30th 2009:

Breast cancer at 10

The story is sad but the hits were totally accidental, I linked to the blog that contained the story, apparently I was the only trackback so a lot of people clicked through. Some good news the latest news from the blog suggests a happy ending.

#6 increased traffic 18% over #7 and is only 10 days old December 1st, 2009. Again the origin of the hits involves the trials of someone small and green:

FLASH! Charles Johnson trolls for hits: Lobbies to be an MSNBC regular…

No word on if MSNBC has called yet.

#5 increases the hits by a further 17% and proves that sex sells over anger. From June 24th 2009:

I would rather get laid than be president…

There is actually an update on that story in today’s news. The extra hits came via Michelle and the Anchoress. My trackbacks never show up on Michelle’s blog anymore for some reason.

Believe it or not there is an exact tie for #3 both with a 7% increase from #5 and both are from the same day (Sept 15th) dealing with pretty much the same subject:

How much traffic can you actually get from Hannah Giles Bikini photos?

Look at the hits Update: (and they keep coming)

Ironically the hits actually came not from the googlebomb from Hannah Giles Bikini photos but from the same source as our next entry…

#2 that comes from the same day as the two posts at #3 but managed to get 89% more hits than either. The reason is in the title

Morning Joe notices Acorn…Update: Welcome Rush Listeners!

It wasn’t a direct link, Michelle Malkin’s top story was linked directly by Rush and My link is the first trackback on her page. All three posts had hits through the roof because of it showing that a secondary Rush provides link provides more hits than Sex, but not more hits than…

#1 From Feb 2nd 2009. It is an increase of 122% over #2 and accounts for more hits than #2-4 combined

Human Rights (watch is optional)

This is of course my instalanche, I remember the day well. I had put up the post on the president and Rendition. Nothing much happened for most of the day. I was surfing that afternoon and left the computer as it was time for dinner. I went to the table, ate, came back to the den and looked at my stats and they were through the roof. The post had gone up before 7 a.m. but Glenn’s post went up at just before 5 p.m. and that’s when the hits went crazy.

I have yet to see another day like that one or another instalance, but to all of you who have come and stayed, my heartfelt thanks.

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