Be careful what you pray for

Posted: December 5, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, personal
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Today my pastor wasn’t available so I needed to go to another church for confession.

Lucky for me the wife had some shopping to do near a church this afternoon so I went with her; dropping her off as Marshalls and went down the road to St. Leo’s figuring I could pick her up when done. I was worried as they tend to have a line but as it turned out an extra priest was on so I was in and out of fairly quickly.

After saying my penance prayers in the church I headed down to the road happy that my wife wouldn’t have to wait for me but thinking the penance I was given seemed small.

When I got to the department store the wife was still having trouble deciding what to get in terms of a gift sweater. Once I was there she had me going back and forth with her looking through woman’s sweaters, every one I suggested didn’t make the cut, wrong materials, wrong style, wrong cleaning instructions etc, etc etc…

I learned two important things today:

God has an excellent sense of humor

When God wants to show you mercy, take it, don’t question it!

Here endth the lesson!

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