Ain’t nothing like the real thing…

Posted: December 3, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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reporting that is:

Today, I did something that Pulitzer Prize-winning NYTimes columnist Nick Kristof apparently didn’t do: I talked to a spokesman at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.

She is talking about this NY Times column and her initial response to it.

She being a reporter decided to do something actual reporters do; check the facts. What did she find?

OHSU confirmed for me two things:

1) OHSU is a safety-net hospital not far from where Brodniak lives. The hospital accepts all Medicaid patients and would not turn Brodniak away.

Okay, are you ready for Number 2?

2) Brodniak is a patient at OHSU — and has been a patient there for the past three weeks.

In other words, at the time Kristof’s article was published this past Sunday, Brodniak was already being treated and cared for by some of the best neurologists in the country!

Didn’t we see something like this a mere two weeks ago?

Realize that she was able to get this information via that radical new cutting edge technology known as the phone!

I knew the NYT was having money problems but I didn’t think it was so bad that the phone bill wasn’t getting paid.

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