Q: What has John Stewart done for Climategate?

Posted: December 2, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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A: He has forced the media’s hand.

Twice before Stewart has led the media. Back in January he was the first to tweak Obama as Bush 3 and remember the atmosphere where that took place:

As an aside, did you note the hesitancy of the audience to laugh at this stuff? They’re really so besotted, they think they’re not supposed to laugh or question President Obama, who Hollywood is declaring we must “pledge to serve.”

That was back in January when nobody would touch him. It was Stewart’s move that allowed what would eventually follow.

Next Came ACORN, While all the media was pretending the tapes didn’t exist Stewart Struck.

When you have a video on the Daily Show that complements Fox News AND Michelle Malkin vs the regular media then you know you have troubles.

Hey MSM when John Stewart isn’t going to go along you’d better start worrying.

And now for the 3rd Time John Stewart has struck on a story that the MSM has ignored or pooh poohed.

What does this mean? It means that the story that the MSM has ignored is now before the audience. It means that the customers of NBC & MSNBC that has made the green cause their own is openly scooped by a person who openly states that his business is “fake news”

This explains why so many on the left consider him a valuable news source. To them he is “breaking news”.

Stewart is biased, that is known but he is smarter than the networks. He is far sighted enough to know what was coming and got ahead of it, (at least compared with the MSM).

Stewart and his staff’s actions protect his reputation as a newsman & staff. Apparently their reputations are more significant than the reputations of Couric, Williams, et/al. Just think about it, a fake newsman is more worried about getting news out than the people who supposedly do it for a living.

If the media is not ashamed, it’s only because they have no pride or standards left.

It would be very funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  1. kahall says:

    I work with a bunch of under 30’s. Suddenly today they knew all about ClimateGate. According to them Colbert was on it as well.

  2. kahall says:

    Oh no, they’re not like that and they all know my politics. Where I’m at (Springfield MO) you can still shout it from the mountain tops and not get in trouble by the PC police. It is a small business and I have been there for a long time. They’re all pretty reasonable really, just not as informed about current events as they should be. Sometimes I wonder if they are better off. I’m pretty certain that only one of my coworkers voted for Obama and I am working on them.
    Now the people at my gym, that is a whole different story. My wife also works there and people “Go Kryten” when CNN is down for whatever reason and she tells them to just watch FOX while they sweat. I even saw a car in the parking lot there the other day with an Obama 08 yes we did sticker and a brand new O in 2012 along side it.

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