The Huffington Post where every day is Rule 5 Sunday!

Posted: December 1, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I guess this can be Charles Plan C if his other stuff doesn’t work:

Mary Katharine Ham, in the Weekly Standard, is the latest to blast Huffington Post for its practice of drumming up hits with NSFW pictures of naked and semi-naked women:

Ham’s post is here. Kaus gets the exact answer right on the second try

This sort of argument seems open to the response Robert Nozick made when defending doctors who are in it for the money (as opposed to healing the sick). They’re not doctors, you say? OK. Let’s call them schmoctors. They are fulfilling the Aristotelian purpose of schmoctoring, which is to make a lot of money by treating people.

It’s all about the hits, Comcast, Verizon et/al make good money off their x-rated stuff that pays for other things. Do you think that all those hotels offer XXX stuff on pay per view as something to do. It makes money!

Arianna Huffington may have more European sensibilities but the bottom line is she is selling hits. The volume and the relevance that her voice is allowed in the “salons” of the political hallways is based upon those hits. If she goes the way of Air America she might get polite acknowledgment but not respect. She needs those hits and a weekly link from Robert Stacy every Sunday isn’t going to do it.

As with the Palin stuff “feminists” are channeling the Godfather:

Arianna Huffington: Where does it say that you can’t go after a woman?
Tina Brown: Come on, Arianna…
Arianna Huffington: Tina, wait a minute. I’m talking about a woman that’s mixed up in conservatism. I’m talking about a – a – a anti-abortion woman – a republican woman who got mixed up with Rush and Beck and got what was coming to her. That’s a terrific story. And we have media people, like Katie & Norah on the payroll, don’t we, Tina?
[Tina nods]
Arianna Huffington: And they might like a story like that.
Tina Brown: They might, they just might.
Arianna Huffington: [to Kim Gandy] It’s not personal, Kim. It’s strictly business.

It’s not misogyny Mary Katherine, it’s strictly business, although I think Dr Violet would disagree.

  1. You’re good. As the man who has frequently taken conservative Rule 5 posting to the edge of sanity, I must say you’re spot-on.

    SIDENOTE: In The Godfather Epic where the story is told in chronological order and contains deleted scenes, there is one scene in the latter half where, after Tom Hagen or somebody says ‘It’s business, not personal’, Michael responds ‘Everything is personal’. More wisdom from the greatest movie ever made.

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  3. I will endeavor to do so.

    FYI: I’m of half-Italian [Naples] descent, so I understand [even though some would argue that Sicilians aren’t really Italian].