Ahh: Good Plan Charles…

Posted: November 24, 2009 by datechguy in employment, oddities, opinion/news
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I haven’t checked out Charles’ site in a long while but I was interested in seeing what the new convert (great timing btw) to Al Gore’s Global Warming religion thought of the e-mails, he obeying the voices in his head says it is all a conspiracy to derail Copenhagen.

Even funnier he is still flogging his attacks on Robert Stacy, and continues the “canard by association” attempting to taint others, in this case, Hanna Giles and James O’Keefe who are the godparents of the Acorn revelations.

This is the same thing he tried in terms of association with Sarah Palin to attack her book.

I wonder how that has worked out? Oh I know:

Sarah Palin appears well on her way to becoming a million-selling author.

“Going Rogue” sold 700,000 copies — a number that includes pre-orders — in its first week of release, according to a publishing official close to the former Alaska governor. The official was not authorized to release the sales figure and asked not to be identified.

Based on his success rate It’s a shame I don’t have a picture with Robert Stacy, if I can get Charles to attack me with one my interview success tomorrow is assured!

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