Morning Joe Cho Abortion position? What Abortion position?

Posted: November 9, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Morning Joe is talking about Anh Cho talking about his district and stressing it over and over again.

Not a word about his position on Abortion or the fact that without the Stupak amendment he wouldn’t support it.

I suspect the game plan is to stress the district and keep Cho off the air for fear that he will bring up the Abortion business.

Interesting to note that Vanden huevel of the nation declined to say if she would support the bill in its current form if it comes to a final vote. Maybe we should ask her about the Berlin wall business?

Update: I second Quin Hillyer:

Ronald Reagan understood that sometimes local issues prevail. He played the game brilliantly. Remember that to pass one of his big initiatives — either the Reagan-Kemp-Roth tax cut or the major Gramm-Latta spending cuts, I can’t remember which — it was Reagan’s willingness to horse-trade that led Democratic then-Rep. John Breaux of Louisiana to boast about some protection he got for the sugar cane industry. Asked if his vote had been for sale, Breaux cracked: “No, of course it isn’t for sale, but it is for rent!”

What Cao did was nowhere near as cynical as that; but conservatives loved it when Breaux did it, because it brought him to Reagan’s side on a key vote.

But again, ALL ALONG, for months, Cao had said his line in the sand was abortion financing, and openly said he would likely vote for a bill that blocked such financing. In short, he did the honorable thing by saying where he stood and sticking with it. No, of course I don’t like his vote. But give the man a break: He’s an honorable, incredibly hard-working, inspirational young representative who is doing his darnedest to do a good job in a district ordinarily incredibly hostile to conservatives and Republicans of all stripes.

Cho and Dede are night and day. By all means lets fight and kill the bill if we can but I’ll take any victory on Abortion that I can get. Cho is one of the reasons we have that victory.

  1. […] As I’ve said before abortion is the sacrament for the left and to a large degree the MSM that supports it. Why do you think Joseph Cao was not lionized by the media for his solitary vote for the Healthcare bill? Because that vote couldn’t be separated from his opposition to abortion. You can bet your bottom dollar Dede would have been. […]