Have the Democrats learned how to count?

Posted: November 8, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, opinion/news
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As I’ve already said the passage of the Health Care bill is a really bad idea, if the Senate plays along this will be disastrous for the country.

As any pro-life person can tell you however there was one bright shining star of a moment when over 60 democrats voted for a Pro-Life amendment that restricts federal funds for abortion through this bill.

That is nearly a quarter of the democratic caucus voting on a purely Pro Life measure.

The simple fact is the country has slowly become more pro-life over time, this is not a big surprise as the people who are most likely to support abortion have been demographically outperformed by those of us who don’t.

In addition Planned parenthood has disposed of millions of their voters with their parents consent. (Given the choice of losing elections or having those kids alive there is no contest. Give me live people!)

Add to this an increasing Central and south American Catholic presence in the land and the numbers do not look good for abortion.

I’ve said and I maintain that Abortion is a sacrament of the left but ironically it is the need of president Obama to get a bill, ANY BILL passed that forced democrats to make this deal.

If the democratic party learns this lesson and becomes if not a pro-life party but a party that embraces pro-life candidates it could become a paradigm shift. Abortion is the single biggest issue for religious people, particularly Catholics.

The very liberal base will be furious but where else will they go?

Americans should be scared, VERY scared over the passage of Obama care, but republicans should be scared VERY scared over this development.

Me I’m a Republican over a lot more than Abortion but I’ll take the hit to my party if it helps prevent an intrinsic evil. No single issue is more a question of good and evil than abortion and if the democrats are willing to come down on the side of good, I’ll be very happy.

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