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Right now Col Terry Lee who worked with the Islamic Killer Major Malik Nadal Hasan states that he personally heard this man speak in favor of Jihad and in favor of the attack that took place at the Little Rock recruitment center. According to the Col this person considered it proper that Muslims take arms against American soldiers.

The odds of this not being a Jihad attack in my opinion are about equal to the chance of me turning into Captain Marvel if I say SHAZAM but even if you want to pretend that this is not the case this is a huge win for Al-Qaeda.

Fairly or not this is going to force the military to take a closer look at Muslim soldiers in general and American Muslims in particular. As a convert I’d be very interested in the Mosque where he studied at. NOTE: His cousin just said he was NOT a convert.

This is a big defeat for us today, it’s a battle lost, but the war goes on and we are going to win it.

May God have mercy on the souls of all the dead and we pray for the quick recovery of those who are wounded.

On Fox news his cousin is calling him a “good American”. If that’s a good American I’d like to see a bad one. I know this guy is blood and family is going to defend family but COME ON!

Memeorandum has plenty more. There is a lot we don’t know so be sure to take all early reports with a grain of salt.

Update Hotair has the clip that I just was watching. I’ll toss it in here.

It is worth looking at AllahPundit’s coverage from the top down. It shows you how a story develops and how information changes over time, so as i said before, take everything with a grain of salt.

Update 2: At least one person on the left has a vivid imagination.

Update 3: Shep Smith just said: “We consider this a major news event” DUH! Ya Think? My wife doesn’t watch the news but Shep is driving her crazy. O’Reilly is now on and the air so my wife will let Fox stay on.

Q: So big that Katty Kay of the BBC said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning that Bill Owens had better not buy any property near Washington because he likely won’t be staying. That’s some win Nancy.

If liberals can’t even sell your meme on MSNBC with a BBC reporter then they have problems.

The council of nicaeaMy review of the Big Finish 5th doctor adventure The Council of Nicaea staring Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant and Caroline Morris as Erimem is available at here.

It re-writes a bit of history but the story is very enjoyable and worth your time and money as are all the Erimem stories.

If you want the ACTUAL lowdown on St. Athanasius click here.